Jellycat Billow Manatee

Jellycat Billow Manatee



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Jellycat Billow Manatee

Rumply, scrumbly Billow Manatee is as soft as a mermaid's pillow! This mottled minty manatee has a squishy foldy nose, chunky fins and a fine single flipper for scooting and gliding! Huddle and cuddle with this splendid sea cow.

I am Jellycat Billow Manatee, joining my friends from under the sea!

Coming with a pale minty fur body, mottled with cream blotches.Crafted from the highest quality child-safe materials

Explore the current collection of super soft, quirky toys, all available to buy!

The Jellycat brand was established in London in 1999 to create quirky, original and innovative soft toys for all ages. Jellycat offers the best selection of soft plush


6.7" x 25.2"


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