Jellycat Bodacious Bug Mosquito 25cm

Jellycat Bodacious Bug Mosquito 25cm



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Bodacious Bug Mosquito Jellycat 

Like all true insects, mosquitoes have three major body parts: head, thorax and abdomen.

This gorgeous grey goofball has a squidgy cordy body and a matching proboscis (that's a nose to you and me). With six soft jersey legs, funky fuzzy fur, stretchy feelers and great gauzy wings, this mosquito's really taking off!

The head features the compound eyes and antennae, as well as the proboscis.

The abdomen comes in grey cordy style, the little meshed wings are attached to it's back and the thorax and head are covered with two-tone grey fur, really interesting!

Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron.

Check all labels.

  • Jellycat Bodacious Bug Mosquito
  • Size: 25cm (9.8ins)
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only


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