Jellycat Wurly Pig 39 cm

Jellycat Wurly Pig 39 cm



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Wurly Pig Jellycat

Waggling a velvety curly tail, Wurly Pig is back in the barn! This little piggy is super-clever and knows all the answers in the farmyard quiz! With ruffly pink fluff and a chunky cordy tummy, this perky-eared piglet is pretty perfect.

Jellycat Wurly Pig is a little porker of a stuffed animal! For a pig, he sure is squeaky clean! His soft coat is a pretty pink color, a curly tail behind.

Bashful Pig is a very busy bee! This perky porker is always rambling and scrambling around to find the tastiest treats in the ground!

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39 cm (15.4 ins)


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