39 Super Huggable Jellycat Stuffed Animals (These are So Soft)

What’s not to love about Jellycat stuffed animals? Cute, cuddly and luxuriously soft, they’re a favorite with kids from birth and adults can’t get enough of them either. This list includes animals that can be found on the farm, in the ocean… and a flamingo wearing a hot pink skirt.

Bruno Boxer

Bruno Boxer is gingery-gorgeous in sneeze-free suedey fur. Jowly and jolly, this foldy-eared pup has a thoughtful expression and a snuggly tum. Bruno has a fine creamy muzzle and a chunky nose for tracking trouble! A canny companion for any young detective.


Fido French Bulldog

Fido French Bulldog is chic and cheeky in bonny blue-beige suedey fur. A rumply rascal with perky ears, a tubby tum and vanilla snoot, this petite pupper wants to promenade in style! Paws poised, tail wagging and away! Let’s go, Fido!


Belby Toucan

Belby Toucan is a tropical treat, with a huge squashy beak in gold and grey. This bright blue bird has sneeze-friendly fur in suedey-soft carnival shades. With squidgy gold feet and flappy two-tone wings, this toucan is ready to boogie! Toucan do anything!


Belby Parrot

Belby Parrot loves playing pirates, and sits on your shoulder as your ship sets sail! Suedey-soft in red, gold and blue, this multicolour matey is bold and bright! That chunky hooked beak makes for splendid squawks! Friend ahoy!


Pablo Pug

Foldy-flopsy with a snub little nose, Pablo Pug is a bundle of cuddles. With short suedey fur in creamy-beige and pebble ears, muzzle and patches, this dapper doggo is a stylish sniffer. There’s an art to looking this cute! Hug a pug today!

Barnaby Pup

Barnaby Pup is a gorgeous first friend, in yummy oatmeal and pebble fur. Lollopy-dreamy, Barnaby is super-loyal, and always there to lend a paw. With flopsy ears and a boopable nose, this pup is pretty perfect. Bumble along with Barnaby.


Benji Koala

Crikey, what a cutie! Benji Koala is adorably soft, with silvery fur and a big liquorice nose. This fuzzy Aussie has silky white ear tufts and a tubby tummy from munching eucalyptus leaves! A bonza bedtime mate. Treetop tales with a kooky koala!

$32.00 – $49.50 (Sizes) + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Brodie Monkey

Brodie Monkey is one funny fellow, with sticky-out ears and hands like feet! A cocoa-cream clambering kerfuffle, this lopsy monkey is always in trouble! He’s proud of his lovely rumply long tail and his bobbly nose for sniffing out fruits! Bumbling and bounding with goofy Brodie!


Nimbus Elephant

Nimbus Elephant is just so gentle, with heavenly chalky-blue fur. This huggable elly has a chunky trunk and wonderful ears with plenty of waggle! With a tasselly tail and beany bottom, this little snooter sits up so well! Every room should have an elephant!

Nimbus Pig

Snuffly sweetheart Nimbus Pig has a very fine snout and curly-wurly tail! Pink as a petal in baby-soft fur, this little pig is adorably tubby. Tickle those lovely leafy ears and cuddle this cutie till the cows come home. Trotter tales and barnyard banter!

Buzzy boss Queen Bee is the diva of the hive! This stripey star has black and yellow fur, a fluffy ruff and a shimmering gold crown. With gauzy wings, perky antennae and a black bobble nose, she’s always in charge! It’s all about the honey!



Jellynaut is a bold explorer, all kitted out in a fluffy silvery suit with shimmery boots, mitts and piping. Even space voyagers need cuddles, so give this pal plenty of hugs before take-off!
Next stop: Mars!

Galactic Pup

Reaching for the stars in a splendid navy spacesuit, it’s heroic Galactic Pup! Speckled with sparkles and wearing silver gloves and boots, this gingery chum is going interstellar! It’s one giant walkies for dog kind! Blast woof!

$37.50 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Cosmopop Rocket

Cosmopop Rocket is getting ready to launch, and is making all the final checks! Squidgy metallic boosters, bright red fur, shimmery bands and a big excited grin – all good to go! Start the countdown for adventures! The smiliest spaceship!

$37.50 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Louie Lion

Louie Lion is a glamorous fellow, with a silky mane, soft honey fur and a milk-white muzzle. Loveably lazy, this royal rascal has a long tassel tail and soft, squishy haunches. He’s ready to pounce, but he might just snooze instead! Glorious in gold.

$79.50 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Rolbie Pony

Huggable hoofer Rolbie Pony is a tousled, tubby cutie. Cocoa-scrummy in scruffly fur, this roly-poly pony has silky mane and tail and velvety biscuit nose, ears and feet. A gentle pal who prefers not to trot! Stop and munch the flowers!

$27.50 – $47.50 (Sizes) + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Rolbie Sheep

Rolbie Sheep is gorgeously round, with a fluffy cream fleece and gentle beigey face. Friendly and fluffy, this sheep may be tubby but can leap over any stile or gate! Kindly shepherds very welcome! Dreamy days and buttercup lunches!


Wurly Bunny

Wurly Bunny hops about and gets so very dizzy! All mixed up in a wonderful way, this scrumptious sweetie has fuzzy fur and a cloudy cordy tummy! This bopping bunny is lopsy-lovely, with a powder-pink nose and big squashy feet. It’s a really Wurly world!

$34.95 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Wurly Dog

Wurly Dog is a tousled treasure, with flopsy ears and a cordy toffee tum. This curious pup like to rummage and dig, then flop down and snooze with a caring pal. We love those soft paws and that inky bobble nose! For ruff ‘n’ tumble times!


Jackadee Pangolin

Jumbling into view, it’s Jackadee Pangolin! This affable pal has ruffly scales in scrumptious butterscotch fur, and a long tail to help balance. With waggly ears, a cordy tum and stitchy paws, this pangolin is perfect. Got any chocolate-covered ants?


Jackadee Warthog

Jackadee Warthog is a magnificent truffler, with peachy cordy fur and a punky silky mane. With a soft snout, foldy ears and suedey white tusks, our wonderful warthog just loves to show off. So trot tight now.

$45.50 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Pipsy Squirrel

Cinnamon-scrummy Pipsy Squirrel has a chunky cream tummy and huge huggy tail! A chipper kit full of cheeky charm, this rustic squirrel has perky ears and fine climbing paws! Scramble about with a loveable squirrel! Gingery japes!

$19.50 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Theodore Bear

Theodore Bear is a classic cutie with the twirliest fur in scrummy honey tones. Huge soft paws and a cuddly tummy make this timeless teddy a friend for life. Be sure to read him lots of beary tales! A curly, burly bear for bedtime.


Fletcher Bear

Fletcher Bear is a calming cub, with wonderfully ruffly biscuity fur. Squat and sweet, this dreamy-soft bear has a soft black nose and grabbable paws. A beautiful gift for a very special birthday. A bedtime chum for full-time huggers.


Blossom Blush Bunny

Blossom Blush Bunny can’t wait to join the picnic – this bobtail bopper has even brought some flowers! Dreamy-soft in warm pea . Feeling pretty peachy!


Bashful Navy Bunny

Snuffly, snuggly Bashful Navy Bunny is here to say hello! Gorgeously soft in divine dark-blue fur, this lopsy bun is up for an adventure. Mud and dust don’t worry our bunny – it’s all about having a hop, skip and jump! With bright, shiny eyes and a perky pink nose, this Bashful is looking dapper!

Bashful Llama

Dreamy, dapper and delightful – that’s Bashful Llama! This nuzzly-neutral long-necked lovely has a very fine ruff in biscuity fluff. With a punky-soft hairdo, snuffly snoot, squidgy hooves and waggly ears, Bashful Llama is such a soothing sweetheart. Rama-llama-ding-dong!

$29.48 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Leffy Elf Really Big

Leffy Elf is a helpful pal, making toys and games for Santa. It’s cold at the North Pole, so Leffy’s cheeks are as red as those boots and candycane socks! They go so well with that fine grassy coat, mittens and gold stitched buttons. But why does an elf need pointy, foldy ears? To listen for sleighbells in the snow! Pop an elf on the shelf!

$38.50 – $143.00 (Sizes) + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)

Cranberry Santa

He’s brushed his silky beard and tied it with a cherry ribbon. He’s polished his black boots till they’re glossy and put on his party suit, in rich berry velvet, trimmed with snugly cream fluff. Pass the eggnog, this snugly Santa is ready to party!

$38.50 – $68.50 (Size) + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


Jolly Gnome Joe

Jolly Gnome Joe is Jim’s best friend, and is splendidly squat and tubby! A dandy chap, Joe wears a blue pointy hat, mossy top and toffee-coloured dungarees. Beardy and bubbly, this gnome loves planting trees! Digging that style!

Valentino Hammerhead Shark Plush Toy

This shimmering shark from JellyCat has silvery fur and a velvety creamy tummy. Valentino’s fancy head lets him look left and right, so he never misses a photo op! With soft, squashy fins and an elegant tail, Valentino Hammerhead always turns heads.


Perry Polar Bear Lying

Feeling snoozy? Cuddle up close to scrummy Perry Lying. Our polar bear pal is loveably lazy and soft as a snowdrift. He’s flumpy, flopsy and irresistibly soft in velvety vanilla fur. With detailed haunches, big squashy paws, perky ears and a liquorice nose, this cuddly cub is on top of the world. Stay cosy with a cub.

$113.13 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)

Bodacious Bug Mosquito

Have you heard the buzz about Bodacious Bug Mosquito? This gorgeous grey goofball has a squidgy cordy body and a matching proboscis (that’s a nose to you and me). With six soft jersey legs, funky fuzzy fur, stretchy feelers and great gauzy wings, this mosquito’s really taking off! Get skeet-smart!

$35.95 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)

Bodacious Bug Red Ant

Bodacious Bug Red Ant won’t bite – this fuzzy critter is too busy looking cool! Looking ant-tastic in two-tone ginger fur, with stretchy antennae and cocoa jersey legs, our rad red ant is heading out on parade. Time to track down some delicious leaves! Tawny tales with this bold bug!

$35.95 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)

Amuseable Ice Cream

Amuseable Ice Cream is one cool character! With a squishy-soft waffle cone, cordy feet and big stitch smile, this kooky pal is perfect for a beach trip. We dig that splodgy ice-cream hat, in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours! A sweet and silly gift for summer year round!

Amuseable Fried Egg

How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours cheeky and squishably silly – just like Amuseable Fried Egg! With a bright sunny yolk, cloudy-soft white and wacky, waggly cordy arms, this playful pal will bring you out of your shell! Keep it funny-side-up! Every day can be Fry-day!

$35.41 + Fast Worldwide Shipping (DHL)


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